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    Shacman Dumper Trucks Olong(Steyr) 8x4 Dump truck Euro2

    No.: 62

    Vehicle Type: Dump Truck

    Brand Name: SHACMAN

    Shacman Trucks

    Person in charge: David Ma

    Cel: 0086 176 6971 7515

    Whatsapp: 8617669717515

    E-mail: sales20@chinatruck.cc



    Person in charge: Mr.David Ma

    Tel: 0086-532-66087516

    Cel: 0086-18153209783

    E-mail: sales20@chinatruck.cc

    SHACMAN Olong 8x4 dump truck

    Traction type: 8X4
    Driving type: LHD (RHD is optioned)
    Cabin: Steyr cab, flat head, double doors, tippable
    Engine brand: Weichai(STEYR)
    Engine model: WP10.340E32/WP10.380E32
    Engine type: Diesel 4-stroke direct injection engine, 6-cylinder in-line
    with water cooling, turbo-charging & intercooling
    Displacement: 9.726 liters
    Max. output: 340hp@2200rpm
    Max torque: 1300NM@1200-1650rpm
    Mean Position Speed: 9.53m/s
    Compression ratio:15.5:1
    Specific fuel consumption: 195g/Kwh
    Gear box:
    Model: Fuller 9 speeds (RTD-11509C)
    Model: GF430 diaphragm type
    Type: Single &ndash;plate dry clutch, mechanically operating with air assisted
    Steering: ZF power-steering
    Front axle: Steyr 6.5T front axle
    Rear axle: 13T Steyr strengthened axle (punching-welding axle housing, double reduction driving axle, inter-                      wheel differential and differential lock)
    Tire: 11.00-20 (rim: 8.0-20), 12.00R20(rim:8.5-20), 12R22.5(rim:8.5-22.5)
    Fuel tank capacity (L): 380
    Wheel base (mm): 1800+3600+1350
    Front overhang (mm): 1576
    Rear overhang (mm): 1650
    Turning circle diameter: 24m
    Dimension (mm): 9976x2500x3350
    Inner size(mm): 7200x2300x1500
    Thickness of body steel(mm): floor 8 & side 6 (Floor 10mm, side 8mm optional)
    Tipping type: front tipping type(in front the body) with HYVA tipping system Holland technology

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